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So I apparently subscribed to this comm at some point in the distant past and promptly forgot about it, until today when I went 'man I really wish there was a DW comm to talk about cosplay stuff, I should make one' and started checking possible usernames, only to stumble across this. So - anyone still out there? Give a shout if you are!

And to provide something by way of content/intro - I'm Cocoa, I've been cosplaying for sixteen years now, and I also run Anime Boston's Cosplay Repair Station and occasionally do cosplay related panels. I love discussing techniques and processes and nerding about materials, which I sometimes do on tumblr, except I feel awkward about my Walls Of Text there, because tumblr is not a good platform for that.

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Hi, Cocoa! I'm Caitlin, a.k.a. Lady Akumu in the cosplay community. (Twenty-five likes-strong on FB, haha!) What kind of cosplays do you do? Thus far, I've only done video game-related cosplays (mostly Resident Evil), but I'd really like to do a Rowena Ravenclaw cosplay one day as well as a Samara Morgan one.


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